Sunrise Rotary Donates Supplies to McIntosh Middle

The Rotary Club of Sarasota Sunrise delivered more than $1,400 worth of school supplies to McIntosh Middle School on Aug. 19, continuing a 15-year tradition of helping out at the school.

“Thank you, thank you very much,” Dr. Harriet Moore, the school’s principal, told club members who brought the supplies. “There are children who really need assistance. The Sunrise club’s continuing help is very welcome and appreciated.”

She promised to attend one of the club’s Friday morning meetings at Der Dutchman restaurant to tell members about the school’s programs and progress.The supplies were bought with donations from Sunrise Rotary members.

Moore was also presented with $172 cash from a piggy bank in which members through the year added odd dollars and loose change. The school uses this money for any sudden needs that come up during the school year, for example, buying shoes for underprivileged children who cannot afford to replace worn-out footwear.